You get to swing by the forest for a night time safari, which could be the most thrilling experience you’d have ever taken in a lifetime. You get a variety of both indoor and outdoor games.

Swimming Pool

Who wouldn’t love to take a dip in the pool that has slides and fountains and colours. This pool is every kids’ dream area. The women and kids have separate areas respectively with lesser depth to ensure safety. The pools are also entrusted with a swimming coach who will be there to ensure safety at all times. This is also one of the largest pools in Anaikatti that is 78 ft long.

Jumbo Activity Centre

This area includes both indoor and outdoor games. Table tennis, badminton, snake and ladder, chess, foosball, fighter balls, carrom, etc form the indoor game category and outdoor games include trekking, night safari, tour around Anaikatti, visiting windmills, waterfall visit, and 100 acres farm. There are also 2 or 3 viewpoints around the resort. Silent valley national park is a government aided park that is near the resort. For students who want to undertake research from the Salim Ali centre, that could also be facilitated by us.

Komban Store

We all miss the colourful childhood we had back in our days. To relive those days, the Komban store offers a number of old candies that may not be found anywhere else in the growing world. Get back those beautiful old days while you still can here at our resort.

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