Tuskers Hill Resort

Pet Policy

Welcome to Tuskers Hill Resort Anaikatti - Where PETs are Family too

At Tuskers Hill Resort Anaikatti, we understand the profound connection and joy that pets bring to our lives. Recognizing the emotional bond between you and your furry friends, we have proudly opened our doors to accommodate pets for the past 2 years and more.
Pet Friendly Resort


We are thrilled to extend our hospitality to both you and your beloved pets. To ensure a harmonious stay for all our guests, we kindly ask you to take note of the following guidelines:
  • The decision to allow pets is at the resort’s discretion and must be approved in advance of your stay. We happily welcome pets under 30 kgs / 66 lbs, and if your pet exceeds this weight, please inform our resort team in advance for suitable arrangements.
  • Each room is designated for one pet only.
  • We welcome non-aggressive dogs and caged birds as part of our pet-friendly policy.
  • Please bring your pet’s own crate, cage, or bed, as we currently do not provide these amenities.
  • If you require specific pet food, please notify our team in advance, and we will do our best to arrange it, subject to availability and additional charges.
  • Guest rooms are subject to damage inspection at any time, and any damages incurred will be charged to guests based on actual costs.
  • Pets must be on a controlled leash whenever they leave the room.
  • Regrettably, pets are not permitted in our restaurants, banquet halls, gardens, pool, and spa. However, designated areas within the resort grounds are available for walking your pets.
  • Guests are responsible for cleaning up their pet’s excretion on the resort grounds and disposing of waste properly in outside dumpsters or designated areas.
  • If you leave the resort premises and your pet remains in the guest room, please secure them in a proper pet crate or carrier.
  • Ensure your presence with your pet in the room whenever any services are provided.
  • Prior to arrival, please obtain the necessary permits and clearances from authorities, providing a copy to our resort team.
  • At Tuskers Hill Resort Anaikatti, we look forward to creating a memorable and comfortable experience for both you and your cherished pets.

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